The East African University is situated along Nairobi-Namanga Highway 10km from Kitengela town.TEAU has kept a sharp focus on providing industry with well trained, all-rounded quality graduands.

We have a strong orientation in business,IT and Education related programmes, both academic and professional courses, with humanities ensuring development of the human heart and mind.

To be centre of Professional Excellence.
To transmit quality knowledge,conduct research and provide community service to the region and the world at large.
To be a fountain of knowledge which produces holistic and all round graduates who shall be vanguards of change in the community.
  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Firmness
  • Honesty
  • Relevance
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility
  • Innovativeness
The East African University is headed by Prof. Everett M. Standa who is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Commission for University Education in Kenya. He has also served in the following positions. He has also served in the Education sector in the following capacities:-

  • Professor, Moi University
  • Secretary/Chief Executive Officer, Commission for Higher Education, Kenya.
  • Vice-Chancellor, Kenyatta University.
  • Director, Privately Sponsored Students Programmes, Moi University
  • Principal, Western University College, a constituent university college of Moi university, Kakamega, Kenya.
  • Promoted to Full Professor of Educational Communication and Technology (Moi University)
  • Dean, Faculty of Education, Moi University
  • Joined Moi University as Associate Professor
  • Worked part-time as script writer and editor of Adult Education Radio Programmes.

I welcome you to The East African University; The University is located along Kajiado Namanga road only 40kms from Nairobi off Mombasa road. Kitengela is a fast growing town just like its environs which has been graded as the fast growing town in Kenya.

The East African University is multidenominational and hence it does not discriminate who it admits for studies provided that one meets the minimum admission requirements as stipulated by the Commission for University Education.

The University occupies 115 acres of land. The University inherited facilities constructed for Wakati Institute of Engineering which was its precursor but was phased out to allow the university to be established. Development of the University started with purchase of land in 2005. This was followed by infrastructural improvements as recommended for award of Letter of Interim Authority which was finally given in a ceremony at the then Commission for Higher Education on 2nd November 2010. Currently the university offers the following degree programmes:-

  • Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  • Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology (BCSIT)
  • Bachelor of Business of Computer Science and Information Technology (BBIT)
  • Bachelor of Education-Arts (BED-Arts)

The university has established collaborations for the purpose of enhancing its academic statue. Some of these are:-

  • Collaboration between The East African University and California Miramar University for postgraduate programmes in business studies.
  • Shakhes Pajou Research Institute in Iran in climate change joint projects.
  • Academic collaboration between The East African University and East African University Rwanda.


One of the recent development we admitted 400 (four hundred) government sponsored students to the University in 2016 academic year. We look forward to more government sponsored students also in this year. As a consequent of this, more plans are underway for improvement of infrastructure as well as other developments to make the life of students more enjoyable.

Welcome once again to The East African University.

Prof. Everett M. Standa, MBS